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Fashion Picks: Grammys 2015

9 Feb

Here are my fashion picks for the Grammys 2015.

Gwen Stefani stole my heart with the look of the night.

As for Kim Kardashian-West and Rihanna, these outfits may not be my favourite, but they certainly had the world talking.

My two favourite looks from Grammy After Party Events go to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. These girls are so on trend right now.

gwen stefaniKaty Perry GrammysgagaJessie JSwift GrammysBeyonce Grammys


Kimye Grammys Rihanna Grammys

You wanted to shine bright like a diamond? I wanted to look like cherry chapstick!

Who wore your favourite look of the night?




Gaga Popping the Popular Culture Bubble with ARTPOP

13 Aug


It is no surprise that Lady Gaga is attracting controversial headlines, with the early release of her single Applause off of her upcoming album ARTPOP. It is also no surprise, that with the digital age we live in, that artists are facing the threat of hackers leaking their music before their intended release dates. Gaga, along with Jay-Z and Katy Perry, have recently fallen victim to these “pop music emergencies.”

The official Lady Gaga website posted the below Pop Music Emergency statement:



In true Gaga fashion, the Haus of Gaga released the below YouTube video entitled Lady Gaga is Over: A Film by Haus of Gaga, sending subliminal messages to fans telling them not to buy her new single. Surely this is not the intent of Mother Monster. This type of shock-value marketing (popping the pop culture bubble of mainstream ideas, if you will) is clever because it gets people talking, whether they are fans or not. I applaud Gaga on that move (among several other similar marketing stunts over the course of her career).

Aside from the early leak of Applause and the controversy it is generating, the song itself has had highly mixed reviews. Gaga released an official audio of the song on her Vevo channel on August 12th. Personally, I did not hear any of the low quality leaked versions of the song. And truthfully, my initial reaction was: oh yes, Gaga has done it again! Not that Gaga is frankly interested in the opinions of bloggers, as she so subtly tweeted. However, I think that this is in reference to those who are just constantly looking to criticize for the sake of it (Perez…Hilton…).

Interestingly enough, Rolling Stone, MTV and Fuse liken Applause to Gaga’s early work in her The Fame album. I can see how this comparison is made, as Applause has a club feel with a theatrical flare. Applause does what any good pop song should do: electrify listeners. I think that Gaga ignites an urge in listeners to dance and move; hence the ARTPOP movement. Gaga has made it known that she lives for Pop music and if the lyrics of this song do not reflect this, nothing will. Gaga lives for the applause and she lives for her fans; this is what we have been told.


Pop culture was in art now,
Art in Pop culture in me.

As a self-proclaimed Little Monster, Lady Gaga always gets two claws up from Merzybean.

Beyonce Bowl

3 Feb


There really are no words to describe how incredible Beyonce’s Super Bowl Half Time Show performance was. All over Facebook and Twitter, people were joking about the fact that Super Bowl 47 was actually the Beyonce concert and that there was football to go along with it.

Beyonce delivered one hell of a performance. She had incredible choreography, the lighting and use of the stage were out of this world, her killer outfit that was a lace and leather combination, the attitude, and above all- the voice. What an amazing sensory overload that I was more than on board for.


After President Obama’s Inauguration, there were some people pointing an unnecessary finger at Beyonce. If this performance didn’t put the haters to rest, nothing will.

The reunion of Destiny’s Child brought back many memories of being in elementary school, blasting their CDs and feeling on top of the world. I had goosebumps and had the volume on my TV set really high.


Beyonce is one of the greatest performer’s of our time. She has a presence on stage that cannot be rivaled by many. I truly believe that this was the best half time show I have ever seen. It will be tough to top, well done Beyonce!



Tune-day Tuesday- Aleesia: Time’s Up

9 Oct

I have not written a Tune-day Tuesday review in months, but what better time to break the hiatus than with Aleesia’s brand new single, Time’s Up.

Could we be alone for one last night
I know we really shouldn’t but
I know that we’re both craving one last fight
So break my heart one final time


This song is incredible and I knew when I first heard it that it would be an early single off of Aleesia’s debut album, Girl Talk. Aleesia co-wrote the song with Dan Talevski and the two create the perfect imagery of an ugly, but beautiful good bye. I think that everyone can relate to this song because we have all been at a point in our lives where we have had to say good bye to someone or something, whether we have wanted to or not.

Always ugly
Always so mean
All that we know
Can’t let it go

Beautiful disaster now
That time is ticking faster
And it’s more than complicated
Knowing that this love is fading, oh

Til time is up

The music video has an incredible dance break that really showcases Aleesia’s incredible dance skills. The video shows off the beautiful message of the song and really is a visual treat. All of Aleesia’s beautiful outfits and the incredible scenery prove to be the perfect backdrop to an incredibly powerful song.

Thanks for stopping by!


Tune-day Tuesday: As It Seems- Lily Kershaw

26 Jun

Sorry for the lack of Tune-day Tuesday posts in the last few weeks, life has been so busy. No excuses, though.

I discovered Lily Kershaw when watching the season finale of Criminal Minds (which happens to be one of my favourite shows). Kershaw is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles and her sound is so crisp and pure. I’m a sucker for anything acoustic or indie, so if have similar taste you will love this song as much as I do. I’m looking forward to the music Kershaw releases in the near future.

The message of the song, As It Seems, really makes resonates a message that is so common: nothing is as it seems. All too often I find myself saying that something didn’t turn out to be as it seems. While this can often have a negative vibe, sometimes things turn out to be better than expected so there is definitely a positive flip-side to this! Kershaw nails the message so beautifully.


Well in this life you must find something to live for
Cause when the darkness comes a callin’
You’ll go back to where you were before
Cause this life is as
Fragile as a dream, and
Nothing’s ever really
As it seems…

Thanks for stopping by,


Tune-day Tuesday: Linkin Park- Burn it Down

29 May

Linkin Park has been one of my favourite bands for over ten years. Frontman, Chester Bennington, has a voice that is unique and powerful; a smooth grit, perhaps. It was only a matter of time before Linkin Park made an appearance in my Tune-day Tuesday installments.

The band collaborated with Jay-Z to put together an album, Collision Course. This was one of the most epic albums put out because the mashup of Linkin Park songs with Jay-Z songs was something that was fresh and brought fans together, despite their preferred genre.

Linkin Park has released a new song, Burn it Down:

I can’t get enough of this song because of the same reasons that I love Hybrid Theory (the band’s debut album), their recognizable and signature sound. Linkin Park fans have been waiting a while for a new song and the wait was oh so worth it!


The cycle repeated
 As explosions broke in the sky
 All that I needed
 Was the one thing I couldn’t find
 And you were there at the turn
 Waiting to let me know


We’re building it up
 To break it back down
 We’re building it up
 To burn it down
 We can’t wait
 To burn it to the ground

What is your favourite Linkin  Park song?


Tune-day Tuesday: ‘The Voice’ Finalists

8 May

For something a little bit different this week, I decided (thanks to the brilliance of my brother) to feature the finalists of NBC’s ‘The Voice‘ for my Tune-day Tuesday installment. Tonight, the ultimate champion is awarded the title of The Voice, while receiving the ultimate prize in the industry, $100, 000 and a record deal with Universal Republic!

Those who watch the show are familiar with the show’s format, and for those of you who don’t, this is how it works:

  • Blind Auditions
  • Battle Rounds
  • America Votes
Onto the fun stuff, the music! Led by four current and diverse musician coaches, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green, the contestants are mentored and guided throughout the journey that is the show. Each coach/mentor has one musician remaining in the competition for the finale and for Tune-day Tuesday, I picked my favourite song performed by the finalists last night.
Team Cee Lo Green: Juliet Simms singing Free Bird
Juliet Simms has such a beautiful, raspy voice and has been likened to legends such as Janice Joplin and even Steven Tyler. I absolutely love the tone and texture of her voice and I think that she is the definition of a female powerhouse rocker. With every note she sings, I feel her emotion and passion for singing and this is something that I admire in an artist. Last night, Simms sang Free Bird (Lynyrd Skynyrd) and Adam Levine said it best, the grit she put into that song was perfect and quite untouchable. The song was symbolic in terms of the point at which the competition is at, as well as the future that lies ahead for Simms’ career. I am a true fan, as she slays every song she performs.
The point in the competition, where Simms proved that she was the woman to beat was when she performed James Brown’s It’s A Man’s, Man’s Man’s World and blew it out of the water. For that reason alone, it is worth me posting for your listening and viewing pleasure. It is also ironic and worth nothing that Simms is the only woman left in the finale, and I think that she has a strong chance of winning (if it was up to me). I can honestly say that I would buy her album today.
Team Christina Aguliera: Chris Mann singing You Raise Me Up
Chris Mann brings such a beautiful uniqueness to The Voice (as well as its competitor show, American Idol) because of his strong Operatic background. With the support of Christina Aguilera, Mann never steered too far from his Operatic roots in order to fit in and become a “mainstream” artist. This is part of the reason I love him so much as an artist, and it contributes to why I respect his artistry so much. When I first saw Mann early on in the competition, I was on the fence and couldn’t decide if I was going to land up being a fan of his, partially due to what I thought was a bit of an ego. However, after his performance of Josh Groban’s You Raise Me Up last night, I was blown away and that performance and his humility confirmed that I am in fact a fan. He could not have ended the season on a more appropriate and poignant note, in my opinion. He did an incredibly beautiful rendition of Groban’s gut wrenching song and did it justice. Mann has the ability to bridge the gap between a younger audience and a more mature sound, and the fact that he is one of the finalists of the show has proven that he has indeed bridged the gap. As Cee Lo said last night, he was “so cool”.
Team Adam Levine: Tony Lucca singing 99 Problems
When I heard that Tony Lucca was going to be singing 99 Problems, which is originally a Jay-Z song (who I am a huge fan of) I was a little bit skeptical about it, to be honest. I think that it was a very brave risk that he took and while I enjoyed his rendition, he certainly didn’t avoid the backlash of Christina Aguilera, who was unimpressed with the song’s misogynist undertone. He did a great job of making the song his own and holding onto the metaphor of the song and owning that it is the obstacles that life presents which are the b*tches/problems! I think that it is very difficult to take a song like 99 Problems and cross genres the way Lucca did. Overall, I did enjoy it though. He brought a refreshing and upbeat vibe to the song and while I enjoyed his performance last night, along with his performances throughout the season, I don’t think that Lucca will be the last one standing with the title of The Voice.
Team Blake Shelton: Jermaine Paul singing I Believe I Can Fly
Jermaine Paul caught everyone’s attention early on in the competition because of his role as a background singer for the ever so talented, Alicia Keys. With a voice like his, it was truly only a matter of time before Paul moved from a background singer to a solo artist in his own rite. He sings with so much soul and power and his rendition of I Believe I Can Fly, like Mann singing You Raise Me Up, was extremely appropriate for the point at which the competition is at. Cee Lo said that Paul sings with such simplicity and I couldn’t agree with that statement more. His voice is so strong and he makes it seem so effortless as he truly reaches the audience and connects with the songs that he chooses. His coach, Blake Shelton, paid him the highest of compliments, telling him that he wishes he could channel his performances as well as Paul does.
It is safe to say that I love The Voice as well as all four of the final contestants! The finale airs on NBC in 15 minutes, so with that being said I am going to end this blog post. Please share who your favourite artist is and it’ll be exciting to see who America has chosen to be the ultimate victor.

Tune-day Tuesday: A Real Hero by College ft. Electric Youth

30 Apr

How many of you have seen Drive, with Ryan Gosling?

The film is certainly not for the faint-hearted, but it is surprisingly clever and well executed. With that being said, I attribute this week’s installment of Tune-day Tuesday to the film, Drive. A Real Hero, by College, came in at the perfect time during the film, serving to create the appropriate atmosphere for the film.

This beautiful song came from a collaboration College did with Canadian duet, Electric Youth. I love the 80s throwback that the song has and its eerie instrumentation juxtaposed against the pure singing. I think the song does a good job of reminding us that we are all just human beings, trying to survive.

“A Real Hero”

(feat. Electric Youth)

Real human being
And a real heroBack against the wall and odds
With the strength of a will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
You’re emotionally complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you have proved to be
A real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being and a real hero
Real human being

Hope you enjoy the song as much as I do!

Keeping it real,

Tune-day Tuesday: COACHELLA edition.

17 Apr

Firstly, I apologize that I have not been blogging nearly as much as I would like to be! This is partially to blame on my rigid gym routine, as well as my oddly busy schedule. Who knew that I’d be so busy in the days waiting for my full-time job to begin and in the midst of career-job hunting! I digress. The reason I went on about my lack of posting is because of this week’s Tune-day Tuesday installment. As all music enthusiasts are aware of, Coachella Weekend 1 has just past and Weekend 2 is approaching. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Coachella is an annual music and arts festival that is held in California. The beauty of this festival is that it connects the different genres of music and brings a diverse collection of artists and audiences together to celebrate their universal love for music. Music is one of the most important things in my life, I truly cannot live without music. This is why I think that music festivals, such as Coachella, are so incredible.

In honour of Coachella, I will be featuring five artists/bands in this week’s Tune-day Tuesday installment because I cannot pick one song this week with all of the wonderful performances I’ve been catching on YouTube. Thanks to YouTube, those
of us who are not fortunate enough to physically attend the festival, can still capture highlights!

Without further ado, here are some of my favourite artists playing at Coachella, with my favourite songs by the particular artists (in no particular order).

1. Holocene: Bon Iver

Above is Bon Iver’s set at Coachella 2012.

I think that Bon Iver was one of the most underrated talents of 2011 and finally, in 2012, they are receiving the recognition they truly deserve. Bon Iver epitomizes what good song writing and composition can do to a song. Holocene, which was up for a Grammy at the 54th Grammy’s, is so incredible.

and at once I knew I was not magnificent
Strayed above the highway aisle
Jagged vacant, thick without us
I could see for miles, miles, miles

Rolling Stone Magazine writes that “The cathedral-folk sound is idyllic, the memories of an ex are terrifying. This takes sensitive-guy poetry somewhere sublime” as they listed Holocene as one of the 50 best songs in 2011.

The genius behind Bon Iver: Justin Vernon.

2. Echoes of Silence- The Weeknd

And you reply I like the thrill
Nothing’s gonna make me feel this real
So baby don’t go home
I don’t wanna spend tonight alone

The Weeknd represents Toronto, very well, in my opinion. I always love featuring local talent and Abel Tesfaye, as we all know as the Weeknd, lends his beautiful voice to collaborations with the likes of Drake. The Weeknd brings a dark edge to R&B and has a really beautiful voice, which can be quite rare in his genre. In Echoes of Silence, The Weeknd showcases his beautiful voice in a haunting anthem about loneliness and the echoes of silence that ensue. I think you will fall in love with this song, as I did, after listening to it. I truly don’t have a bad word to say about it. The entire album is incredible and you can download it for free off of The Weeknd’s offical website: http://the-weeknd.com.

3. Cosmic Love- Florence and the Machine

As I’m sure those of you who follow my Tune-day Tuesday posts have noticed, I sometimes post the live versions of the songs I feature because I simply prefer the sound of live music. I’m sure you can agree with me that the true test of an artist is how much I enjoy their live performance. If the sound on the CD surpasses the live performance, I am left feeling let down. Florence Welch has a beautiful, powerhouse voice that never disappoints. Florence and the Machine released their album Lungs, and Cosmic Love is my favourite song off of the 2009 released album.

The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out
You left me in the dark
No dawn, no day, I’m always in this twilight
In the shadow of your heart

And in the dark, I can hear your heartbeat
I tried to find the sound
But then it stopped, and I was in the darkness,
So darkness I became

It seems as though the songs I choose share a common them of loneliness and darkness that results because of the loneliness, but these songs are just so stirring. Cosmic Love is no exception, as the lyrics tangle the audience up in the story that Welch ever so beautifully sings about.

4. Bloom-Radiohead

Radiohead is no stranger to the Coachella stage.

Off of King of Limbs, Bloom is one of my favourite Radiohead songs because of the ambiance it creates. Neil McCormick, for The Telegraph, accurately writes “simultaneously deeply weird and inviting, Bloom leaves me tingling with delicious anticipation. Which is, oddly enough, just about what you might expect.”

Open your mouth wide
A universal sigh
And while the ocean blooms
It’s what keeps me alive
So why does this still hurt?
Don’t don’t blow your mind with why

I’m moving out of orbit
Turning in somersaults
A giant turtle’s eyes
Jellyfish float by.
(it’s what keeps me alive)

The beauty and the mystery of Radiohead is what is left to the imagination.

5. Born To Be-The Airplane Boys

Again, I’m proudly featuring Toronto talent. The rap duo known as The Airplane Boys, is made up of Beck Motley and Bon Voyage. As their Facebook page describes them, they are “an evolutionary breed of sound that pushes the barriers of modern music. Having mastered their craft with a better grasp of mainstream music, The Airplane Boys have begun to make their move into the pop music industry. Their digital sound constantly evolves; built on captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics. The intent for change is to stray away from the old to brand artistic music and pave a new path to stardom.”

Something that makes The Airplane boys both unique and relevant is their ability to bring two genres together so beautifully.

Born To Be was actually the very first song Airplane Boys’ song I listened to and I was immediately captivated. Not only do the rappers have a spitfire way of throwing out their lyrics and their rhymes, they are able to pull back the energy and lure in listeners with the beautiful melody.

the things we fear in the most, already happened 
what’s life without drive and no passion? 
It all passed by, I was passive 
but they can’t set sail without the captain 
same song we all feel alone 
thank god mistakes have me grown 

Well friends, that about does it for this week’s installment of Tune-day Tuesday. I hope you can appreciate that it took me quite a long time to determine which 5 artists I would feature out of the entire 2012 Coachella line up. If I could, I would have written about even more! I think that the collection of features that I did choose represent my musical preference quite accurately. My advice, if you’re looking for new music to listen to, pick a few random artists/bands on the Coachella line up and check them out on YouTube. This is one of the best ways to find new, excellent music, and if you’re anything like me, you’re always wanting to hear something new!


Tune-day Tuesday: Gotye feat. Kimbra- Somebody That I Used To Know

10 Apr

I know that I’m a little bit late with this Tune-day Tuesday feature, but I couldn’t leave it any longer! Somebody That I Used to Know, off of Gotye’s third album Making Mirrors, has been gaining popularity since its July 2011 release, and rightfully so. I love when you can listen to a song on a top 40s radio station as well as on the alternative rock station. The song has an 80s feel to it and the balance between the singing and the instrumentation is just right, in my opinion.

What I love so much about the song is the power that Gotye puts into the chorus. The build up to the chorus is haunting and pulls on my heart strings because I can truly feel every lyric. The lyrics place me back to past memories. The song, featuring New Zealand artist Kimbra, puts out a very powerful message quite simply. How many of us have people in our lives, who we were once very close with in one way or another, and now they’re simply just somebody that we used to know?

I told myself that you were right for me
But felt so lonely in your company

But that was love and it’s an ache I still remember

I find that there are so many people who can listen to these lyrics and completely understand what Gotye is singing about. Feeling so alone while you’re in someone’s company, we’ve all been there.

Amazingly enough, the Walk Off The Earth cover has a staggering amount of views. I’m sure if you know the song, you have seen this video. If not, it’s a must see:

But you didn’t have to cut me off                                                                                            

Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing                                            

I don’t even need your love, but you treat me like a stranger                                   

And that feels so rough

That’s all,