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Where has Merzybean been?

30 Oct

I feel like I have written a few justification blogs, explaining my lack of presence in the blogosphere. I guess I don’t really owe anyone an explanation, but how can I expect to have a loyal readership if I have been MIA.

Truthfully, there isn’t one particular reason as to why Merzybean hasn’t been buzzing. Is “I’m tired” not good enough? Well, that’s the truth. I have not felt inspired to sit down and blog because there has always been something that takes priority over writing and once I have cleared my to-do list, I have no energy to write.

However, I want to get back to writing and putting my thoughts out into the universe. Not that what I have to say is all that important, but I just love to share my passions with others.

Hopefully this is the first of many posts to come in the near future. I have some ideas brewing, so stay tuned!

Thanks for all of the people who have been visiting Merzybean all along the way, even during my “blogging hiatus”. It makes me happy to see and it inspires me to keep on plugging!

Until next time,



Get Connected

17 Feb

I think that one of the most integral pieces that make for a good blog, or perhaps

Hopping onto the social media bandwagon.

even a good blogger, is the ability to get connected. Whether the connection is  with other bloggers, popular culture, or one’s self, the ultimate goal is to connect with something. When coming up with the idea for my blog I battled with many different ideas: a teacher’s blog, a travel blog, a blog about entertainment! I decided that I would create a “mixed bag blog” in order to avoid limiting myself. Sure, my blog might not have a specific aim, but I think that this is what will make my blog so relatable. At 23 years old, quickly approaching 24, it would be unrealistic to say that everything in my life is set and that I know 100% who I am.

The beauty of social media is that it serves as an outlet for discovery of the self, as well as of the world around us. I have always been fascinated by reading other people’s blogs because they serve as a raw look into someone’s mind. Perhaps some people’s blogs are a more rigid and focused, while other’s are a little bit more casual. Whatever the case may be, I think that blogging is truly a craft that I am embarking on and I look forward to getting connected with the rest of you out there.

Some future projects that I hope to develop in the near future include expanding my photography portfolio and featuring guest blogs from friends and fellow bloggers.

Until next time,


Blogging? Don’t Mind if I do.

17 Feb

Fresh out of teacher’s college, I find myself at a very vulnerable stage in life. The world is at my fingertips (or so they say) and I have many options to toy with. I have always intended on creating a blog but have put it off in the past because I have either been too busy or not convinced that people will want to read what I have to say! Evidently, that did not stop me this evening and I have given in. Here is my attempt to join the blogging community and expand my presence in the world of social media. I am immersed in the world of Twitter and felt that it was the perfect gateway to starting my own blog. Say what you will, but writing is a therapeutic outlet and if I can share my opinions with those willing to read, why not? My blog is going to consist of a mixed bag of entries that I find pertinent and pressing to share about at the time.  I hope you join me on my blogging adventure and offer your mixed bag of opinions, as well!