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My Favourite Places in Pictures: Disney World

17 May

Disney World is probably my favourite place in the world. It doesn’t matter how many times I have been, no trip is ever the same. The magic of Disney is incomparable and untouchable. As you will see in the pictures that I have chosen to share, I love Animal Kingdom, The Boardwalk, and of course Magic Kingdom the most. Animal Kingdom has a special place in my heart, and in the hearts of my family members, because it reminds us of home: Zimbabwe and South Africa. The park really reflects Disney’s efforts towards nature and conservation. We usually stay at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas when in Disney World because of the beautiful atmosphere and breathtaking view. Last but not least, Magic Kingdom is the home of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Disney Princesses, and everything that’s in between! No need for explanation, the magic speaks for itself.

It was very difficult to choose photographs (that I have taken over the years), so definitely anticipate future Disney World posts.

Disney Boardwalk:

Disney’s Magic Kingdom:

Disney’s Animal Kingdom & Animal Kingdom Lodge:

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

As the great Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”



My Favourite Places in Pictures

25 Apr

I have talked about my passion and love for photography but have yet to really portray this in my blog.

I decided to compile ten photographs that I have taken in Greece, Italy, and Florida for a first installment of “My Favourite Places in Pictures.” As I have mentioned, tirelessly, travel is one of the most important things in my life and without it I would feel less cultured, educated and curious. Travel ignites a creativity within me and a yearning for discovery.

Orlando, Florida: Animal Kingdom Safari

Milos, Greece:

Rome, Italy & Sorento, Italy

I hope that these photographs brought you along with to some of my favourite places. I can’t wait to do another post with more photos of my favourite places! Feel free to share some of your favourite travel stories.