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Hello from Greece

28 Jun

Hello friends! I am writing to you from glorious Greece. Don’t expect too many posts from this end of the world, as I am busy basking in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather.

I wanted to write a quick post because it is only when I am on the beach and walking through the village that I am so often reminded of the simpler things in life.

I am in Greece for three beautiful occassions: my wedding, the 60th wedding anniversary of my grandparents, and a family reunion. It simply does not get better than this. Material possessions come and go but the one guarantee in life is that as long as you are surrounded by love, the rest will fall into place as it should.

Well, I can guarantee you that I am surrounded by love. My family is spread all over the world and everyone will be meeting here in Greece, slowly but surely. As the island begins to fill with my family, my heart will be full of happiness. The greatest joy in the world is to love and be loved.


Sending you sunshine from Greece,