Merzybean Just Checked In At The Gym

14 May

Why bother checking in once I have arrived at the gym? Why bother posting pictures of my workout successes after leaving the gym?


I never used to be one of those people, and it’s a crying shame. I have been going to the gym five days a week for the last month and have “checked in” on Facebook every single time I arrive at the gym. I used to think that this was unnecessary when I would see other people’s gym check-ins appear on my Facebook Newsfeed. Boy, was I wrong! There is nothing useless about doing this. In fact, the exact opposite effect is achieved.

This idea of checking in at the gym and having people know when I was working out didn’t really mean much to me until I started to see other people do it and I began to feel motivated by them. On Instagram I started to follow people who were posting inspiring pictures of weight loss successes, their workouts, and healthy meals. A friend of mine started to share pictures of her post-workout success by taking a picture of her Polar exercise watch after each workout (workout time and calories burned were captured).

Everyday I would see these healthy lifestyle pictures and eventually I got inspired to the point at which I decided enough was enough. I was no longer going to take a backseat to this healthy lifestyle, I wanted to be the person to check into the gym everyday, to post how many miles I ran and how many calories I burned at the gym, and to be that person to inspire others.

When people say that it is obnoxious or unnecessary to share with the world every time you go to the gym, I beg to differ. The influx of text messages, Facebook messages/likes, Instagram comments/likes, Tweets and face-to-face conversations I have had with friends who feel motivated by seeing my daily check-ins are a true testament to the power of social media. Social media can directly influence and inspire people to make a change in their lives. I was inspired by others and am honoured to be able to inspire my own friends and family. The amount of positive reception that I have received has overwhelmed me. On days that I feel lazy or do not have energy to drag myself to the gym, I remember the people who have inspired me and those who I have inspired.

regret the workout you dont do

The only workouts I regret are the ones I don’t do. I’m not posting about working out on my social media to brag or show off, believe me when I say this- I am far from being able to brag! However, if my harmless check-in can keep me motivated and inspire someone else to get off the couch and go for a run, I must be doing something right!

Keep moving,



4 Responses to “Merzybean Just Checked In At The Gym”

  1. jadoremusic89 May 14, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    You inspire me, so keep posting daily 🙂 and way to go girl, you are so motivated.

  2. Sarah May 19, 2013 at 11:31 pm #

    You said it well lady! I used to see people’s check ins or calorie burn or miles ran on the mike app and was….annoyed. Sure, it might bother some people that we do this but what really matters is that we are making changes. And most likely the annoyed people and the weak ones who can’t make a change themselves. As awesome as it is that we can the strength and determination an motivation to live a healthy life we still face masked jealousy. But I say screw it! Keep checking in and posting all the motivational things you need! I will too!
    Great post!!!!
    (Mind my spelling/grammar…I’ve misplaced my glasses) lol

    • merzybean May 21, 2013 at 12:35 pm #

      Thank you, Sarah! I appreciate that you have been such a huge support and we must keep on going the way we are. You’re so right- often, those who are annoyed are simply angry that they are not able to make a change in their own lives. Well said 🙂

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