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Interview: Smart Girl World

29 Jan

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I have an exciting interview for you today, as I spoke with Dominica Valentina who created the┬áinspirational business and website for girls all around the world. I stumbled upon Dominica’s website via a YouTube video and once I finished perusing the website and blog, I was on board with the Smart Girl World Movement. I think that it is incredibly important for girls to bond together, rather than bringing each other down. As a girl who has been through many highs and lows in my own life, I value what Dominica is doing and think that it is valuable for girls to have a community in which they can unite and celebrate each other’s differences and similarities. Without further ado, let’s see what Dominica had to say about the Smart Girl World.

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MB: How and when did the Smart Girl World develop?

DV: I was 15 years old when my mom told me I could be or do anything I wanted in life as long as I believed in myself. She gave me a ring and told me it was my “Smart Girl” ring. She wasn’t telling me what to do, she was trusting that I would always make the best decisions for myself in life and follow my dreams. It wasn’t until I was 19 when I decided to take this idea and expand it into a business for other girls to share and be apart of.

MB: How has your mother positively influenced you to be a smart girl yourself?

DV: My mom is the one person I can go to and talk about anything with. She listens to me when I have boy drama and is always there to give me the confidence boost when I need it. I think the most important way she influences me to be a Smart Girl is by teaching me to always follow my heart. We go through so much in life as girls, we make mistakes and none of us are perfect, but when we choose to think for ourselves, and always learn lessons in life, we grow and become stronger. My mother’s main goal for me in life is to teach me to have confidence in myself, believe in myself and love myself. When you do that, you will create whatever your heart desires in life.

MB: What do you hope to achieve with the Smart Girl movement?

DV: My main goal with the Smart Girl Movement is to show other girls that none of us are perfect. If one girl has been through something, there has to be thousands of other girls who feel the same way. I wish to bring girls together to support each other and encourage each other to achieve any desire they want in life. It’s cool to see other girls comment and really give another girl helpful encouragement and support!

MB: What have you learned about yourself as well as other girls since starting Smart Girl World?

DV: Each blog post I do is about something I am going through in life, or about something my girl friends are going through. It’s crazy because once I post something about how I’m feeling, I get so many girls emailing me saying they feel the same way! Or girls thank me for kind of opening up their minds about certain situations I blog about. When I first started this I didn’t think that many girls were going to relate to me, It turns out we all kind of feel the same way! I have definitely learned that by being real, people will relate to each other, and I think I have taught other girls to “not judge a book by its cover.”

MB: A large part of the Smart Girl World is setting and dreaming up goals. How do you achieve your goals?

DV: I love writing down my goals and putting them up all over my room and bathroom where I can see them everyday! I feel I have accomplished something when I can cross it off of my list! Sometimes I set goals that are too big for myself and get discouraged when I don’t achieve them quickly, so I’ve learned to set little goals for myself that eventually get me to the goal I desire ­čÖé

MB: What advice do you have for young girls struggling through personal issues?

DV: Just know that you are not alone, you could look at the most beautiful girl in the world and if you ask her if there is something about herself that she doesn’t like, I guarantee you she will tell you a list of things she wishes were different about herself. My main goal with helping girls struggling through personal issues is to love yourself. Constantly tell yourself that you are pretty and perfect just the way you are. Once you love yourself it will show and you will radiate confidence! It’s a struggle and it’s easier said than done, but that is my main goal with helping girls get through personal issues.

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My proverbial hat goes off to Dominica, keep the Smart Girl World spinning and continue to inspire young girls. You can connect with Dominica and the Smart Girl World on Twitter, Facebook, and of course the Smart Girl World Website itself!

The power that girls have when coming together is so much stronger than when girls turn on one another. The perfect thing about girls is that we are not perfect, and the Smart Girl World is a refreshing reminder of this.

From one Smart Girl to another,



Rave Review: Hungry for Change (Documentary)

1 Jan


It’s not just what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.”

Recently, Jeremy and I have been extremely engulfed in the world of Netflix. There are such incredible documentaries on Netflix that people do not necessarily hear about, otherwise.

Being that it is the beginning of a new year, so many people are feeling very motivated and inspired to start the year off on a healthier note. I am not excluded from this group of people looking to find healthier alternatives and yearning to become a fitter individual.

Hungry For Change is an incredible documentary that is both eye opening and has a bit of a shock value. This documentary does not sugar coat (punny) the harsh reality of the dieting world and the dangers of what Jon Gabriel, author and weight loss expert, refers to as dead food. Something that I have been admittedly addicted to is Diet Coke. I don’t think that I’m alone in my struggles with my addiction to the lethal soda. While it is marketed to be a diet friendly drink, Hungry For Change exposes that the exact opposite results are being achieved. Again, this is not news to me but sometimes we all need a reminder.

Man made foods are the root of the problem. As the documentary points out, we all know this. If we know better, shouldn’t we do better? That should be the case but it is not the reality. Processed foods are damaging to our our overall health; our hormone levels, sugar levels, and cholesterol are just a few internal victims to name.

Diets do not have longevity. Like so many others, I have been victim to many a diet in my short 24 years. At the end of the day, what we are all striving for is a healthy lifestyle with healthy results. We only have one chance at treating our body right, so we don’t we? My recent thought has been that if someone has an allergy, they don’t eat a particular food because they know it will kill them. Why then do people continue to eat processed junk food? Maybe the consequences are not as immediate as an allergy, but these foods are slowly killing us and making people very sick.

One of the most interesting points that the documentary is very adamant on, is the comparison of sugar to cocaine. Both begin from a natural, plant based entity; sugar cane and coca plants. Both are refined, white substances that chemically alter the brain and have damaging results. That was enough to shock me into wanting nothing to do with sugar. Sure, it’s a bit of an extreme comparison, but it isn’t malarky. This is the reality of what we are ingesting and putting into our body.

Watch the trailer and get lured in. Hungry for Change isn’t necessarily telling us something new but it is telling us what we need to hear to get motivated and inspired from a different perspective.

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