Tune-day Tuesday- Aleesia: Time’s Up

9 Oct

I have not written a Tune-day Tuesday review in months, but what better time to break the hiatus than with Aleesia’s brand new single, Time’s Up.

Could we be alone for one last night
I know we really shouldn’t but
I know that we’re both craving one last fight
So break my heart one final time


This song is incredible and I knew when I first heard it that it would be an early single off of Aleesia’s debut album, Girl Talk. Aleesia co-wrote the song with Dan Talevski and the two create the perfect imagery of an ugly, but beautiful good bye. I think that everyone can relate to this song because we have all been at a point in our lives where we have had to say good bye to someone or something, whether we have wanted to or not.

Always ugly
Always so mean
All that we know
Can’t let it go

Beautiful disaster now
That time is ticking faster
And it’s more than complicated
Knowing that this love is fading, oh

Til time is up

The music video has an incredible dance break that really showcases Aleesia’s incredible dance skills. The video shows off the beautiful message of the song and really is a visual treat. All of Aleesia’s beautiful outfits and the incredible scenery prove to be the perfect backdrop to an incredibly powerful song.

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