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Tune-day Tuesday: As It Seems- Lily Kershaw

26 Jun

Sorry for the lack of Tune-day Tuesday posts in the last few weeks, life has been so busy. No excuses, though.

I discovered Lily Kershaw when watching the season finale of Criminal Minds (which happens to be one of my favourite shows). Kershaw is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles and her sound is so crisp and pure. I’m a sucker for anything acoustic or indie, so if have similar taste you will love this song as much as I do. I’m looking forward to the music Kershaw releases in the near future.

The message of the song, As It Seems, really makes resonates a message that is so common: nothing is as it seems. All too often I find myself saying that something didn’t turn out to be as it seems. While this can often have a negative vibe, sometimes things turn out to be better than expected so there is definitely a positive flip-side to this! Kershaw nails the message so beautifully.


Well in this life you must find something to live for
Cause when the darkness comes a callin’
You’ll go back to where you were before
Cause this life is as
Fragile as a dream, and
Nothing’s ever really
As it seems…

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Euro Cup Fever

25 Jun

The Euro Cup is in full force and what an exciting time it is for football fans, or soccer to those of us in North America. Apart from the beauty of the game itself, I love the Euro Cup because it gives fans an excuse to celebrate their nationality and their roots. The flags come out and everyone’s pride shines brightly. My family is no different, as we dusted off our Greek flag and English flag and got our cars Euro Cup ready. When watching the games at home or at the bar, we always make sure to find a jersey or t-shirt to show our pride for our teams!

Unfortunately, both of the teams that I support are no longer in the competition, but I still pick a team every game to support and cheer on. Greece made me very proud and I was so thrilled with their perseverance and resilience. England lost to Italy in penalty kicks yesterday and while I was rooting for my English favourites, the better team that day won. I was still proud of my favourite players and am glad we made it that far, even though I was hoping for England to advance into the semi-finals!

I think that it is so important for football fans to remember that the Euro Cup (and any international sports event, for that matter) is not meant to divide people, but rather to bring people together. I think that a healthy competition and rivalry always adds a bit of spice and fun to sports competitions, but where do we draw the line? I’m sad to see that there are some people who use these types of sporting events to make digs and unnecessary comments about players and countries. Instead, let’s celebrate the fact that the love of soccer has the ability to bring athletes and fans together on a worldwide platform.

I love seeing fans sporting their team’s jersey and their faces painted, screaming and cheering while waving their flags. This pride makes me beam and is what the Euro Cup is all about.

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Who Are We Pleasing?

4 Jun

It appears as though we are living during a time where everyone is striving for the same thing: happiness. This is likely a common goal for everyone, despite generational and cultural differences. While we are collectively and individually aiming for happiness, this begs the question of who are we actually pleasing along the way? I started wondering about this after thinking about several conversations I have had with people in my life over the years. Some might say that I am a bit of a people pleaser. While this might seem like a good thing to the people who I am pleasing, this does not always benefit my own individual needs and wants. Quite frankly, this is what inspired this particular post.

People can be considered doormats if they are too willing to please others, but on the contrary can be considered selfish if they do something for themselves. As a society, where do we differentiate between the two? It appears as though the boundaries between being selfish and being selfless are blurred and this can either create a safe haven, or a bit of turmoil in one’s life. The goal is to find a happy balance between the two, pun intended, in order to avoid becoming stressed out.

It is really important to take care of ourselves, first and foremost. This is not meant to sound selfish, it is instead supposed to champion the importance of personal well-being. If  we are not happy and satisfied with ourselves, it is not possible to be able to contribute to the happiness of those around us without a struggle. Particularly for us 20-somethings, I think that many of us are at vulnerable points of our lives and we are constantly striving to please others. We’re either trying to make someone else happy so that we can have a partner to share life and love with, or we are striving to please employers because we are on the never ending job hunt in today’s job market! No one wants to hear the sob story that times are hard, so what are we going to do about it? We can aim to achieve personal happiness in all aspects of our lives. It is important not to neglect our personal, physical, and mental well-being, so that when it comes time to please and impress others, we are fully able to do so without depleting from our own happiness.

Some things that I do to feel better and work on my well-being include reading a good book, listening to music, and going to the gym. While these things are smaller scale contributors to my personal well-being, every little bit helps! We must remember to take time to breathe and not allow the stresses around us to infiltrate our personal happiness.

What makes you happy?