Tune-day Tuesday: Linkin Park- Burn it Down

29 May

Linkin Park has been one of my favourite bands for over ten years. Frontman, Chester Bennington, has a voice that is unique and powerful; a smooth grit, perhaps. It was only a matter of time before Linkin Park made an appearance in my Tune-day Tuesday installments.

The band collaborated with Jay-Z to put together an album, Collision Course. This was one of the most epic albums put out because the mashup of Linkin Park songs with Jay-Z songs was something that was fresh and brought fans together, despite their preferred genre.

Linkin Park has released a new song, Burn it Down:

I can’t get enough of this song because of the same reasons that I love Hybrid Theory (the band’s debut album), their recognizable and signature sound. Linkin Park fans have been waiting a while for a new song and the wait was oh so worth it!


The cycle repeated
 As explosions broke in the sky
 All that I needed
 Was the one thing I couldn’t find
 And you were there at the turn
 Waiting to let me know


We’re building it up
 To break it back down
 We’re building it up
 To burn it down
 We can’t wait
 To burn it to the ground

What is your favourite Linkin  Park song?



One Response to “Tune-day Tuesday: Linkin Park- Burn it Down”

  1. vartevarlfc May 30, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    I actually dislike Linkin Park, I think Chester is a horrible vocalist, and he is super nasal when he sings. Although I did love the hybrid theory album, I just stopped enjoying them after that. I do not know why! awesome brilliant bloody blog though =D!

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