Tune-day Tuesday: Lady Gaga- Hair

27 Mar

So this week’s installment of Tune-day Tuesday comes to you all a little bit later than usual. I like to aim to have the post up and running earlier in the day, however, this will have to do! My selection to you comes from one of my all-time favourite artists (and I use that word very carefully), Lady Gaga. How fitting that tomorrow is her 26th birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gaga!

The video that I chose to share with you all is from Gaga’s incredible Thanksgiving special. The beauty of Gaga is that her voice is more than enough of an instrument, that a piano accompaniment is more than sufficient. Everytime I watch this video clip, I get goosebumps! It truly speaks for itself.

I have seen Lady Gaga in concert three times and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every concert experience. Lady Gaga is a true performer, leaving nothing to the imagination of her little Monsters. Gaga is extremely vulnerable on stage and bears her soul, making each performance unique and life changing.

When Lady Gaga came to Toronto in 2010, her performance was beyond moving. Here are three photos that I took at Gaga’s concert that encapsulate her beauty and passion so perfectly.

Lady Gaga was so moved and inspired on stage that she had to take a second from performing to soak up the moment. She had tears streaming down her face and the passion for her fans and for her music brought me to tears, as well!

Fittingly, Hair is off of Gaga’s latest album Born This Way. As most know, Gaga is infamous for the way that she dresses, as well as through the way she expresses herself through her hair. Elle Magazine posted an online poll, having readers vote on their favourite Gaga hairstyles.

I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to know, I am my Hair

Gaga uses her hair as a metaphor for self-expression and I think that the message is so beautiful. The message of the entire album resontates with all of Gaga’s monsters because the idea that we are born this way is truly liberating. Sure, this might not be a new idea, but no one has sung it as loudly (literally) and proudly as Gaga.

I don’t wanna change,
And I don’t wanna be ashamed
I’m the spirit of my Hair
It’s all the glory that I bare
I am my Hair!

The song not only showcases Gaga’s beautiful voice, but it gives the audience such a beautiful image of what it means to be brave and to express yourself. No one should be ashamed of who they are and this song is the anthem for all of Gaga’s little monsters who are afraid to be themselves because they have been bullied and made fun of. This song is freeing.

Kudos Gaga, this song is one of your hidden gems on the album.

Claws up,



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