Tune-day Tuesday: Fun.- We Are Young ft. Janelle Monáe

13 Mar

In continuing with Tune-day Tuesday, this week I’m featuring Fun’s song, featuring Janelle Monáe, We Are Young, off their Some Nights album. The New York band, Fun, epitomizes a feel-good indie band. I’m very pleased that they will be stopping off in Toronto on their tour, on April 25th at the Kool Haus. This is a note to self, I need to see them live. Nothing solidifies my love for a band or artist more than a live performance, and I certainly do not think that Fun would disappoint in concert.

Lead singer, Nathan Reuss has such a beautiful voice that is very distinct and is so pleasant to listen to. His ability to pull on listeners’ heartstrings, along with band members Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff, is something magical.  Reuss has a raw voice that is very dynamic and drew me in when I was flipping through the radio stations in the car one day. I heard a bit of the chorus, mindlessly changed the station, and quickly changed back after I was immediately gripped. On iTunes, I purchased We Are Young and also downloaded All Right for free as it was the featured song of the week! That was my good luck because the song is also fantastic and a “must listen”.

This song is hauntingly powerful and the vocal contributions of R&B singer, Janelle Monáe, add a beautiful touch to the song. I do, however, wish that she had more of a feature in the song, because she truly possesses a pure, lovely voice. People might remember Monáe for her 2011 Grammy performance alongside Bruno Mars and B.O.B, or perhaps recognize her for being notorious for wearing (and rocking) tuxedos. Whatever sparks your memory, Monáe is a truly talented individual.

We are young
So let’s set the world on fire
We can burn brighter
than the sun.”

Burn brightly,



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