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The Art of the Handshake

21 Feb

Maybe it’s just me and my group of friends,  but we truly value the art of a good handshake. You always hear the age old saying, “first impressions are everything.” Well, when I meet someone and I extend my hand out to shake his/her respective hand, this is the moment of truth for me. There are a few variations that I see most commonly. Shall I break it down?

The “Dead Fish” Handshake: Quite possibly, the worst handshake out there. When someone reaches out to shake your hand, please do not offer him/her a limp, dead fish-like hand. I know the intention is to avoid crushing the reciprocating party’s hand, but let’s not offer a dead fish! Stiffen that hand up a little bit and shake it like you mean it.

The “I Mean Business” Handshake: This appears to be the most common handshake that I have encountered. You are meeting someone for the first time and their grip is tight and lingers for a few seconds longer than it probably should. I get the vibe that this person means business, perhaps they’re excited to meet you as well. But at the end of the day, they want the job, or they want you to feel their importance.

The “Wink and a Gun” Handshake:  You’re either buying a used car or you’re meeting a game show host if you encounter this handshake… or it’s your cheesy uncle playing around with you. Either way, if you get the wink and a gun hand shake, run! This handshake suggests that someone either wants something from  you, or they are trying to brown nose their way into a situation (unless of course, it’s your cheesy uncle).

“Props,” otherwise known as the fist bump : Props, short for proper, short for proper respect, is the modern day handshake. As sported by Howie Mandel, props replaces the actual act of shaking hands, whereby the individuals literally just “pound fists.” This can be seen not just by the germaphobe, but the athlete, the teenagers at the local high school, or even the president of the United States.

The “solid” Handshake: This is the ideal handshake. Both parties go into the handshake with a strong, firm hand. The grip is not too hard, and not too soft. The duration of the handshake is long enough to acknowledge the other party, but not too long whereby the other party feels the need to reclaim their hand back. The appropriate shaking takes place, going up and down 1 to 3 times.

Well, that’s my break down of the most common types of handshakes. I’m sure you’re wondering what prompted me to write this blog. I figured, since I am a fresh graduate and I will be going on many job interviews (hopefully), I might as well master the art of the handshake. Take it with a grain of salt, it’s all in good fun, but there it is!




My Secret Love Affair with Photography

19 Feb

It exists, seriously!

Looking back, I have always loved photography, from the time that I was a little girl. I can distinctly remember receiving my first disposable camera at age 5 or 6 and running around my house taking (what I considered to be) artistic photographs.  I then received my first film camera, it was a Nikon,  if I’m not mistaken. From there, my love for capturing images on film grew. It was 1996, when I bought a Polaroid camera for myself. It was actually the Spice Girls, Limited Edition, Polaroid, to be specific.

My weapon of choice.

Over the years, my passion and love for photography has grown. My family took at trip to Maui, Hawaii in 2006 and my dad decided to purchase a nice camera for the family. We owned our very own Nikon D80. This was truly an exciting moment for me. The purchase of this Nikon turned out to be what reignited my love for photography. From that point on, I took a keen interest in photography.

While I love to photograph and be behind a camera as a hobby, I have never received any formal training. What I do is self-taught. I photograph for the love of the craft and because I love to see things from a different perspective. I love photography because I like to capture a moment and portray something from an angle that other people might not have thought about. I’d like to think that I take a flattering portrait, capturing the beauty of each individual. I think that taking someone’s photo can be a very personal experience and the last thing I want is for the individual to feel self-conscious.

I was proposed to on Christmas Day (2011), and the most important thing that I will invest my time and money into is the photographer that I choose. I think that having a photographer that I am comfortable with, and who has an artistic vision that I respect and admire, are the most important criteria for me. I have attended several wedding shows in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and have met and spoken with about a dozen photographers. I respect each individual photographer and can appreciate the amount of work and dedication that is required to pursue photography as a career and to have that passion be evident in his/her work.

Why do I mention this, you ask? For my fiance and I, the photographs are one of the only tangible things that we will be able to have from the wedding, after the fact, and because I have such a passion for photography, this is one area that I do not want to rush my decision on. I will keep you posted on my hunt for the perfect photographer. If you have any tips or suggestions, please leave a comment for me!



Get Connected

17 Feb

I think that one of the most integral pieces that make for a good blog, or perhaps

Hopping onto the social media bandwagon.

even a good blogger, is the ability to get connected. Whether the connection is  with other bloggers, popular culture, or one’s self, the ultimate goal is to connect with something. When coming up with the idea for my blog I battled with many different ideas: a teacher’s blog, a travel blog, a blog about entertainment! I decided that I would create a “mixed bag blog” in order to avoid limiting myself. Sure, my blog might not have a specific aim, but I think that this is what will make my blog so relatable. At 23 years old, quickly approaching 24, it would be unrealistic to say that everything in my life is set and that I know 100% who I am.

The beauty of social media is that it serves as an outlet for discovery of the self, as well as of the world around us. I have always been fascinated by reading other people’s blogs because they serve as a raw look into someone’s mind. Perhaps some people’s blogs are a more rigid and focused, while other’s are a little bit more casual. Whatever the case may be, I think that blogging is truly a craft that I am embarking on and I look forward to getting connected with the rest of you out there.

Some future projects that I hope to develop in the near future include expanding my photography portfolio and featuring guest blogs from friends and fellow bloggers.

Until next time,


Blogging? Don’t Mind if I do.

17 Feb

Fresh out of teacher’s college, I find myself at a very vulnerable stage in life. The world is at my fingertips (or so they say) and I have many options to toy with. I have always intended on creating a blog but have put it off in the past because I have either been too busy or not convinced that people will want to read what I have to say! Evidently, that did not stop me this evening and I have given in. Here is my attempt to join the blogging community and expand my presence in the world of social media. I am immersed in the world of Twitter and felt that it was the perfect gateway to starting my own blog. Say what you will, but writing is a therapeutic outlet and if I can share my opinions with those willing to read, why not? My blog is going to consist of a mixed bag of entries that I find pertinent and pressing to share about at the time.  I hope you join me on my blogging adventure and offer your mixed bag of opinions, as well!